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Cancer of the Esophagus - Personal Notes

In April 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus at age 66. Since that diagnosis, through daily study about cancer and its possible causes (thank God for the Internet) I’ve acquired an exhaustive library of knowledge, medical and alternative non-medical, a great deal concerning diet and the very likely connection to some of the reasons people get cancer.

I emphasize that anything I write below about those connections or conditions is already easily available knowledge, and not my own, and it is not meant to be a substitute for traditional medical advice.

While some of the basic cancer-causing information you will likely know—such as smoking and cancer, and asbestos and cancer connections—there will be certain information here that would not normally ‘cross your desk’ unless you or a loved one were diagnosed and you then had cause to seek further into the extensive volumes available on the Internet as I have done. Therefore if any of my research and study provides knowledge that may prevent anyone from having to fight this kind of battle it will have been worthwhile.

There are a number of reasons I decided to write this: firstly, a friend suggested that perhaps I could post some links about what I’d learned. I thought about it carefully and realized that I did have the unwelcome qualification of having cancer, giving me at least that personal platform to write from. Secondly, cancer of all kinds is increasing at an alarming rate, age not being a factor. I recently heard of three people in the same office being diagnosed, two with breast cancer* – perhaps understandable if there were a preponderance of chemicals, or radio waves, or they were all smokers, or near electrical power lines, or a combination of the above, but they were non-smokers and this was an ordinary basic office where none of those other conditions existed. Thirdly, as I mentioned above, this information is usually only sought when it hits personally so it may open some eyes that otherwise would not see it.

The proliferation of cancer was personally brought home to me when I was at Sunnybrook Hospital for chemo/radiation back in February 2009. During my three weeks of treatment I met two people that I knew—they were both there for tests—I had no prior idea they were afflicted. Also the halls and seating areas on each floor were daily filled to capacity with people waiting sometimes hours for chemo or radiation or testing—long and sad faces, reading, knitting, crocheting, but most often staring into space with a sense of resigned helplessness, which often is truly the case. It seems against all odds that there should be so many people with cancer, but it is true – it has become increasingly endemic. Why?

I’ll start with myself because over the years I was piling up conditions that eventually led to cancer. If you recognize any semblance of these conditions in your own situation perhaps you may be persuaded to change and that would be a blessing. Years ago I smoked. Even though I quit over 20 years ago the damage done to my body may have contributed to cancer. Also I suffered for many years with stomach acid reflux which can severely compromise the esophagus lining and quite likely lead to cancer, which in me it did. However, there were important contributing factors that my studies revealed and these I feel I can unofficially comment on.

The main one is diet. My own diet became one without fresh uncooked vegetables and fruit but with a lot of canned, frozen, and fast foods, all largely laden with preservatives and other chemicals. (I had become a self-employed bachelor running a 12 to 14-hour per day business—being a bachelor by the way is not a good excuse to have a lousy diet but I am not a good cook either, and because of my workload it was easy and convenient to go the route I did). It never occurred to me that anything was wrong—I’d never had reason to look into diet. Until I got cancer.

The paragraph in italics below comes from the following link:
It came as a result of an Internet search, “Does everyone have cancer cells in their body?” I have isolated the paragraph to illustrate a point but the link provides more relevant reading.

Cancer is a perfectly natural process. A very small percentage of cells in every person who has ever lived turn cancerous. And the body usually gets rid of those cancerous cells before they do harm. This process has been going on for eons. It is only when more cancer cells are being created than the body can get rid of that the problem comes. With increased toxins, viruses, carcinogens, etc., our immune systems have become significantly overworked and weakened. (My bolds).

So, one’s immune system is our protective mechanism that fights and eventually does the clean-up job. Enzymes produced by the pancreas provide major ammunition for the immune system to use. But it needs help. However, if a faulty diet is not providing the additional necessary enzymes and cancer-fighting agents that are found in certain foods then the immune system cannot do a good job and becomes overloaded. The following link succinctly explains how this happens and provides simple natural solutions.

Basically it’s saying that one’s diet should be mainly salads, raw vegetables, fruits and certain grains—some say 80% raw to 20% cooked food, drink freshly-made juices, and to buy organic wherever possible. The 80/20% rule may seem extreme but at the very least include as much as you can to ingest those good nutrients. Cancer feeds on sugar, eliminate it—use honey if you have to; cut down on red meat, cut down on alcohol content, drink lots of water daily and breathe deeply – cancer doesn’t like oxygen. This is the advice of the majority of knowledgeable nutritionists and to an extent the Cancer Society. See:

An important factor in our diet is the acid/alkaline content, the pH balance—see this link. It will explain why an acid-filled diet leads to many of the health problems we suffer – including cancer, arthritis, diabetes, etc., and how the correct balance can bring remarkable change. Here is a paragraph from the above link:

It is no coincidence that the rapidly growing numbers of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes correlate almost exactly with the rise in consumption of acid-forming foods such as sugars, saturated fats, and white breads. At the same time our consumption of fresh vegetables and essential fatty acids has decreased dramatically, making way for convenience and a generation hooked on sugary treats. (My bolds).

The more I follow the nutritional advice the better I am feeling. It makes sense. If you are suffering from any health problem it may be wise to consult your doctor before embarking on any changes, although I’d be surprised if any of the above can harm you. I’ve not touched on exercise but of course that is vitally important.

*P.S. There has been extensive research into the connection between deodorants containing aluminum and increasing breast cancer. It is well worth reading. One such link comes up through an Internet search for: Aluminum and Breast Cancer.

It is said that one in three people will be affected by cancer, either themselves or family or friends. Those are very sad odds and not to be taken lightly. If your diet is less than satisfactory you are messing with your health and possibly your life. You have the capacity to dramatically increase your defenses merely with the right diet. The fact is we have become accustomed to chemically-enhanced tastes which are as addictive as any drug so that the ‘healthy’ stuff seems bland in comparison. Don’t be sucked in – the good stuff can be prepared just as tastily and there are many websites that cater to that.

Be good to your body and it will return the favour.

Source: Micheal Valens, Canada Free Press, January 28, 2010


By Mortin - Copyright 2010
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