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Acid Reflux Tools and Resources

Body Mass Index Calculator
Our BMI calculator measures your body mass index (BMI). It indicates if you are under or over your ideal weight. Acid reflux tends to worsen as we get heavier, with the extra pounds putting pressure on the lower esophagus allowing more to reflux.

Glossary of Related Medical Terms
A glossary of the medical terms used on this site. Clearly written, you won't need a medical degree to understand it.

Heartburn Diary
We've created a heartburn diary to help. Each day, jot down your symptoms and the time they occurred. Then note the foods you ate and your specific activities before the symptoms began. Once you notice a pattern, you can start to make changes in your routine and avoid triggers that affect you most. For instance, you can begin taking walks after a meal if inactivity triggers your heartburn.

Food Selection Guide
A quick reference for you to see what foods are safe and which foods will bring on the discomfort.

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