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Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux
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GERD/ 21 pages
What is GERD?
GERD Causes
Being overweight can lead to GERD
GERD Linked to Obesity in Women
Eosinophilic esophagitis
GERD Symptoms
Complications from GERD
Esophageal Stricture
Refractory GERD
GERD and Asthma
GERD Surgery - Fundoplication
GERD Surgery - Fundoplication Risks
GERD Surgery - Fundoplication Variations
Laparoscopic Fundoplication Video
GERD Surgery - Not Necessarily a Definitive Cure
GERD Surgery - Stretta Procedure
GERD Surgery - Endoscopic Suturing
GERD Surgery - Esophageal Dilation
GERD Surgery - Esophageal Dilation Video
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Radiofrequency Energy (the Stretta Procedure) - References
Gerd and Asthma - References
Being overweight can lead to GERD References
Gerd Definition, Causes and Symptoms - References
GERD linked to Obesity in Women References
Eosinophilic Esophagitis- References
Achalasia References
Gerd Complications - References
Esophageal Stricture- References
Refractory GERD- References
GERD Surgery - Fundoplication References
Surgery for GERD - Not Necessarily a Definitive Cure- References
Endoscopic Suturing - References
Esophageal Dilation - References
Indigestion/ 6 pages
Indigestion causes
Indigestion Symptoms
Indigestion Remedies - Antacids and other Over-the-counter drugs
Indigestion and Pregnancy
Coriander: a tasty spice that helps tame indigestion.
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Indigestion Remedies - Antacids References
News/ 40 pages
Acid Reflux News 2010
Acid reflux can cause other major health problemsAcid reflux can cause other major health problems
Lexington Medical Center Offers EsophyX TIF for Acid Reflux
Medication Vs Surgery For Acid Reflux
Stomach Problems Plague Americans
Acid reflux linked to Ambien
Papain may help with acid reflux
Incisionless surgical procedure for acid reflux at Owosso hospital
Bentonite Clay can help with acid reflux
Depression linked to acid reflux troubles
Voice Disorders from acid reflux and other conditions
Voice Disorders from acid reflux and other conditions
Cancer of the Esophagus - Personal Notes
Using a heartburn diary
How to beat heartburn
BARRX HALO system treats precancerous reflux disease Barrett's esophagus
FDA issues warning about confusing Maalox labels
Why do you get heartburn and acid reflux?
Merck launches Zegerid OTC
Alternative remedies for GERD?
Link Between Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea Challenged
Heartburn in pregnancy
Change Your Diet For Heartburn Relief
Acid reflux linked to Ambien
Surgery for Heartburn?
Could A Supplement labeled MSM Be The Solution for Acid Reflux?
Cross Talk Between Oncogenes Suggests Treatment Combination in Esophageal Cancer, According to Penn Study
A Biotherapy Strategy For Esophageal Cancer In The Future
Hiatal Hernia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Tips for treating heartburn naturally: choosing healthy foods
Magnets for treating heartburn
Tips For Relieving Persistent Heartburn
Eliminating Chronic Acid Reflux and Indigestion Naturally
Dietary supplements that help reduce acid reflux
Weight Loss And Physical Activity Improve Acid Reflux Symptoms
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: GERD
Obesity Drives GERD Symptoms in Kids
SSRI May Ease Reflux in Select Patients
Popular Heartburn Drugs Tied to Fractures, Infections
Is it a Food Allergy or Acid Reflux?
Resources/ 1 pages
acidreflux/ 89 pages
Acid Reflux Cause
What is Acid Reflux?
What is a Hiatal Hernia?
Top 10 Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid
Acid Reflux Symptoms
Nighttime Acid Reflux : Is Heartburn Keeping You Up?
Q&A - Causes and Symptoms of Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux Diagnosis
Q&A about Acid Reflux Diagnosis and Tests
Q&A Medications for Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux Test - Upper Endoscopy
Acid Reflux Test - Esophageal Manometry
Acid Reflux Test - Esophageal pH monitoring
Acid Reflux Test - Barium swallow x-rays
Acid Reflux Test - The Bernstein test
Acid Reflux Test - Fecal Occult Blood Test
Acid Reflux During Pregnancy
Acid Reflux Pillow
Children and Acid Reflux
Infant Reflux
Infant Silent Reflux
Tips for Managing Infant Reflux
Infant Reflux Medications
Q & A about Complications and Risks from Acid Reflux
Slow burn: consequences of chronic acid reflux include a deadly form of cancer
Acid Reflux & Barrett's Esophagus: Warning Signs of Esophageal Cancer
The Acid Reflux and Asthma Connection - Videos
Acid Reflux Linked to Sleep Apnea
Acid Reflux Treatment
Q&A - Acid Reflux Surgeries
Orange Peel Extract Relieves Acid Reflux Symptoms
Treating Acid Reflux with Chinese Medicine
Acupoint | Acupressure | Acupunture treatment for Acid Reflux
Acid Reflux Drugs Causing Hip Fractures
A Natural Remedy for Acid Reflux: Melatonin
What is Barrett’s esophagus?
Is acid reflux serious?
What Causes Acid Reflux to Develop?
Can I have Acid Reflux Without Heartburn?
Does Acid Reflux Cause Bad Breath?
Are Daytime and Nighttime Acid Reflux Different?
Can Acid Reflux Cause Changes In My Voice?
Can Exercise Cause Acid Reflux?
Can Stress Cause Acid Reflux?
Can Smoking Cause Acid Reflux?
Can Medicines Cause Acid Reflux?
What Medications Can Make Acid Reflux Worse?
How Can I Avoid Acid Reflux When Taking Medicine?
Does Acid Reflux Get Worse With Age?
Does My Weight Affect My Acid Reflux?
What kind of doctor treats acid reflux?
What is an upper GI series?
What is an endoscopy?
Does endoscopy hurt?
Are there risks with endoscopy?
How is biopsy of the esophagus done?
Do they check for H. pylori with an endoscopy?
What effects of acid reflux does an endoscopy show?
What is a a motility study?
What is a pH study?
Are Antacids an Effective Remedy for Acid Reflux?
Do Antacids have Side Effects?
What Are The Most Effective Over-the-counter Medicines for Acid Reflux?
H2 Blockers or Proton Pump Inhibitors — How do they Compare?
What are the major side effects associated with H2 blockers and PPIs?
How and When Should Acid Reflux Medications be Taken?
What If My Acid Reflux Medication Is Not Working?
When Can I Stop Taking Acid Reflux Medication?
Are the complications of Acid Reflux Serious?
What is regurgitation?
What is Laryngopharyngeal Reflux?
What is Aspiration?
Can Acid Reflux Cause Chronic Cough?
Is Acid Reflux Linked to Asthma or Chronic Lung Disease?
What is esophagitis?
What is an Esophageal Stricture or Esophageal Ring?
What is an esophageal dilation?
What are the Odds of Getting Esophageal Cancer with Barrett’s Esophagus?
Is there a Way to Heal Barrett’s Esophagus?
What Can I Do If I Have Barrett’s Esophagus?
What Are the Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer?
Should I have Surgery for Acid Reflux?
What is the Best Surgery for Acid Reflux?
What are the Long-term Benefits and Risks of Acid Reflux Surgery?
Will I Still Need Acid Reflux Medications After Surgery?
Will Surgery Improve Barrett’s Esophagus?
How do I Find and Evaluate a Surgeon?
What is a Stretta Procedure?
What is an EndoCinch?
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Acid Reflux References
Upper Endoscopy References
Manometry References
Esophageal pH monitoring - References
Barium Swallow X-rays - References
Bernstein Test References
Sleep Apnea/Acid Reflux- References
heartburn/ 11 pages
Acid Heartburn
Heartburn Remedies
Heartburn During Prenancy
Heartburn Cause
Heartburn Symptoms
Chewing Gum After a Meal Can Prevent Heartburn
Is My Heart is Causing My Chest Pain?
Chest Symptoms from Heartburn
Conditions Other than Heartburn that Cause Chest Pains
Heartburn After Pregnancy
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