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Does endoscopy hurt?

Overall, an endoscopy is not painful—no cutting or incisions are made. The placement of an IV is slightly uncomfortable but quick. A sedative medication can be given so often the patient isn't even aware of the procedure

Sometimes the initial passage of the scope through the throat into the esophagus is a little uncomfortable because it is an unusual feeling to swallow the endoscope. The mouth is usually sprayed with a topical anesthetic to numb the throat so the instrument can be easily passed.

The most common issue patients experience is a sore throat that lasts for a couple days after the procedure. This is because the scope travels through the back of the throat and can cause some irritation. The other issue may be some dizziness or nausea after the endoscopy. This is related to the sedative medication because side effects can include some nausea. This is easily treated and usually is short-lived.

By Mortin - Copyright 2010
Last modification 05/02/2010

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