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Do they check for H. pylori with an endoscopy?

Generally, biopsies are done for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) in patients who have ulcers or a history of prior ulcers because they may have a chronic H. pylori infection. Those with stomach irritation on endoscopy, a family history of stomach cancer, or dyspepsia should be evaluated for H. pylori. Dyspepsia is a combination of symptoms that resemble an ulcer in the absence of an ulcer and is characterized by upper abdominal discomfort such as burning or gnawing that is improved with antacid medication. Some doctors check all patients for H. pylori when they do an endoscopy. When it is found, H. pylori should be treated, which involves about 2 weeks of medication. H. pylori therapy usually includes three drugs: an antacid and two antibiotics.

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